About me

How it all started

My name is Abby. I started this blog a few years ago as a result of an unforeseen midlife crisis breakdown. It happened after I turned 40 and the whole world came crushing down on me. Unable to cope with burdensome reality I turned to blogging to find an escape.


I quickly discovered that humor combined with self-irony was an excellent way to break free from the challenges of real life. Without further hesitation I dived into the digital world, where I could be as funny or as twisted as I needed to be without the necessity to consult a therapist or oppressing my friends.



About me

After having travelled the globe (spending two years in Sydney, Australia among others), I was living a quiet PhD student life and teaching at McGill University (Faculty of Arts) in Montreal, when over a decade ago I decided to follow my husband to live in Europe. We've spent five years in London and another seven years in France, and after a crazy few in downtown Paris we decided to settle down and move to the countryside. Which is where we are now.

In the meantime I was busy writing articles, translating (this is where my 5 languages got handy) and playing trophy wife.

Until recently, when I turned 40 and we know what happened then.

Still about me:

When I'm not doing any of the previously mentioned, I'm bugging nearby Parisians with my wicked wit, painting (the house, but also artistically), watching horses from my bedroom window and drinking cheap Champagne (and OMG it's cheap here!).


If I haven't lost you so far - still about me:

As you will notice from my posts I'm totally nuts about yoga, chipmunks and macarons from Ladurée.


And compulsively obsessed about finding happiness in the French countryside while gliding smoothly through my midlife crisis.

I hope you enjoy reading my wicked musings!